Ask and You Will Receive...*May Receive

Ask and you will receive is a common phrase that has been stated by people since the beginning of time. I like to adjust this statement and say, "Ask and you may receive." Sometimes your asks don't pan out. This is perfectly fine. Everyone isn't going to return your calls, reply back to your emails, or want to talk with you. BUT there is ALWAYS one person who will end up actually speaking with you on a topic. I've learned this lesson time and time again. Sometimes I feel like reverting back to my old ways, where I don't message people persistently or reach out to a random person that I don't know.  Then I remember a closed mouth doesn't get fed...and generally people want to help you eat! 

Currently I'm very interested in learning about crowdfunding. It's where I spend most of my thought energy these days. But I initially didn't know much about it. So I went to this Meetup and met a very senior employee in a equity crowdfunding space. I messaged him about connecting, so I could pick his brain about topics, and he said yes.  He ended up taking an hour and a half out of his schedule to discuss the nuances of crowdfunding with me. I also really wanted to speak with a senator about some new regulations that he helped pass in the crowdfunding space.  I emailed him. Then I emailed him again. Then I called. Then I emailed again. Then again. Finally the director at his office reached out to talk with me about the regulation.  

Sometimes you have to keep asking and be persistent. Sometimes you have to be downright annoying. Other times you have to get a warm introduction. Just keep at it and eventually the world will open up. Ask...and you may receive.