Reading on the Subway

throughthebackdooronly 10.29

I'm anal.  Just a tad bit. Maybe I will go into detail about this in a later post. But being this way, I hate when I don't use my time productively. I hate my hour commute to and from Techstars BUT one plus is that I ride the train. I'm used to living in areas without reliable public transportation. This means that I have had to DRIVE everywhere. I love driving but it's so unproductive. So on the train I get to be productive and for me that means reading. Right now I'm reading Never Eat Alone. 

Ferrazzi nails it on the head when it comes to organically and systematically growing your network. It's funny how so many people downplay the importance of meeting new people and building direct and peripheral connections. I have been spending more and more of my time trying to connect with new friends, old associates, and everyone inbetween.  Ferrazzi explains so clearly how to build a wonderful network and how building this network makes life sense and business sense.  Currently I'm looking to find more people at the intersection of tech, music, and fashion. Ping me if you know some cool people!