Back to the Future II: The Year is 2015

through the back door only

The back to the future series is a classic trilogy. This movie trilogy was one of the inspirations for me becoming an engineer. Who didn't want to ride on a hover board like Marty McFly or travel back in time like Doc. 

On Spike TV, the network is playing all three movies. I turned on the channel at the beginning of Back to the Future II. If you don't remember this installment, it is based in two main time periods. Most of the movie is based in 1955, but it starts in 2015. WE are in 2015. It was funny to see Steven Spielberg's version of what the future would look like. 

Spielberg wrote this movie in the late 80s and envisioned a completely different 2015 than we have now. In the future, he had flying cars, tons of neon lights, size adjusting shirts and pants, and the infamous hover board. Our present is nothing like anyone imagined in the past. So I'm assuming that it's safe to presume that our future will look drastically different than we imagine it as well. 

What is in store for 2050. Sadly, I think it will look a lot like 2015. No hover boards or flying cars. No Jetsons styled buildings. No armageddon from terminators. We will have advanced medical procedures, better AI, and better transportation options. I'm thinking more iRobot with Will Smith than The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis. Nonetheless I'm excited for it. I'll be 60 years old by then!