Why hasn't Music Been Disrupted Yet?

I'm still confused why this hasn't happened more. And I'm confused how the music industry still has so much autonomy over this art form. It sounds like a consulting case. Look at the music value chain.  

1. Content creators are everywhere. There is an over abundance of content creators that are producing songs, beats, and videos. 

2. There are a TON of distribution channels to sell music. From getting actual CDs created to selling music online, there are several methods for talented artists to get their material out. 

3. There are a ton of channels to display their art form. Artists can use YouTube, VEVO, MySpace, Soundcloud and etc. to give their music to the world. 

So what's missing? There is a huge opportunity on the independent artist side that is not being addressed by the incumbent music companies, by Indy labels, or by large online distributors. Many VCs avoid this space but I think there is a huge opportunity here to defragment this market through innovation and technology. When it comes, I'll support it. There is too much talent that doesn't get viewed because of a few annoying gate keepers.