Maybe We are (I am) too Connected

I feel like I have two extremes. Either I'm super connected and always  on... or I'm completely off. I am a very extreme person, so when I focus on one thing, I put all of my energy there. This behavior is generally good because that level of focus allows me to understand a concept quickly. But it can be a nefarious trait, when I focus on one thing too extensively.  

I am currently in this focused state with social media and e-mail. I use most platforms constantly because I am always connecting with people and setting up meetings. People can reach me from linkedin messages, facebook messanger, whatsapp, google hangouts, voxer, slack, groupme, instagram, twitter, my blog, and snapchat. I use about 50% of these platforms daily and use the other platforms sparingly. I guess I'm really connected to the world. But my question is, "Am I too Connected?" Looking at this list, my initial presumption is that I'm oversubscribed. And when I add text messages as another medium to connect with me, it seems like too much connectivity.

When I think about it more closely, I don't think I'm overdoing it yet. I'm just maximizing my opportunity to connect with tons of people, while I can. In my role at Techstars and now in my unemployment period, I have focused on connecting with people from several industries and spaces in tech. Everyone uses different platforms to maximize their connectivity. I use the mediums that my network prefers. Once I am working again, I think that my time will be very limited and I won't be able to be this connected and meet with people at my leisure. This sucks. But it's reality. So while I have the energy and time, I will be as connected as possible.