Media - It's powerful and it's changing

 Content is free. Content is no longer consumed from one direct source of information. It's aggregated, disaggregated, and then consumed across social media. People consume new stories from the WSJ and Economist from LinkedIn and Facebook as much as they consume these stories from the source websites.

These media stories take the form of blogs, vlogs, videos, micro blogs, and tweets. Also these stories and outputs are being produced by anyone that has a phone and an idea (i.e. Me writing this blog).

I can publish:

(A) business articles to LinkedIn.
(B) informal content to Facebook
(C) videos to YouTube
(D) just-in-time videos on snapchat
(E) micro messages on Twitter

and the list goes on and on. So is there even a necessity for large media conglomerates?

The current answer is yes. We still need credible sources of information. There is definitely a ton of "junk" media online that provide misinformation to the masses. And even as the world decentralizes media content from a few major winners to the masses of creatives, there will still be an element of exclusivity to certain information that allows specific content creators and aggregators to control the output of media. There is also a place for niche media that will continue to be consumed as mainstream media becomes delocalized.

This niche area is where I am very interested! I like the idea of major media outlets for specific hobbies, ethnic groups, and areas.

If I want to see sports related news and commentary, then I need a specific media outlet to provide that information. Major social media networks can provide snippets of niche content but doesn't provide all the information you need - which is why Facebook and Twitter are creating sports platforms on their networks.

I love consuming media, so hopefully I can create a platform that produces it.