Being in the moment

I recently remembered/re-learned something that I once knew very well. I was reading "Super Rich" by Russell Simmons. If you have read any of Russell'sbooks, then you know they are never about money, but focused on enriching your soul. What I read about the other night focused on "being in the moment". This seems simple but can be very allusive at times. We are currently living in the present, but sometimes we spend too much time thinking about the past or focusing on the future. I have a problem with the latter rather than the former. I spend so much time mapping out my life and focusing on my next three steps that I forget about my first step. 

I have recently re-dedicated myself to living in the present and focusing on what is directly in front of me. For me that involves putting all of my energy at being the best consultant at BCG and not being too caught up in thinking about what is next. I need to put my head down and work hard, so that I am working to my greatest potential. I am limiting the amount of goals that I will focus on in 2016 and will be great at one thing and be really good at two other things. I'm excited about my renewed focus on being present and hope that this will show in my work output. I thank Russell Simmons for my renewed vision!