Micro Habits - My new thing!

I recently read an Inc. magazine article about micro habits. It was pretty interesting. A woman learned how to read, write, and speak French as well as read 5 times more books a day by focusing on adding micro habits.

So what is a micro habit? It is a habit that you do daily, but it only spans 5-10 minutes. The woman in the article practiced French everyday for five minutes for a year and read at least one page of her book each day for a year.  These minuscule, micro habits eventually produced tremendous results!

I am really focused on implementing several micro habits. I want to do quick ab/pull-up/push-up exercises each day. I want to hop on the bike regularly. I plan to keep writing very often. Im also going to love more, meditate more, and listen better! I know that doing each of these habits daily for a small portion of time will produce great outcomes over 2016. Let's go!