The End: Demo Day

Everyone killed it....*drops mic*

That's the only way to describe how demo day unfolded. Sadly, I was up at registration for most of the show, but I could hear each of the 14 pitches. They were phenomenal. 

I equate demo day to a broadway performance. Nothing is left to chance. We practice everything night after night making sure that founders' presentations, deliveries, and body language are perfect. Founders practice in the office. Founders practice at the venue. Founders practice on the train. They even practice in the shower. Unlike broadway performances, you only get one shot to shine. 

In the audience, there are CEOs, investors, family members, Techstars alums, and friends. In the audience you can find billionaires, millionaires, and thousandnaires (that's me). This is an opportunity for companies to close their fundraising round, open their round, or add momentum to their round. 

I almost forgot about the press! The media can be a gift or a curse. There were articles in venture beat, mattermark, and several other publications. The reviews were great.

I'm proud that I ws a part of this fall 2015 Techstars class and look forward to future demo days. Here are the companies:

Flip - Making leases into liquid assets

GlossGenius - one stop shop for beauty stylists

Gorgias - Automated customer service software 

GreatHorn - Cyber security platform 

Homemade - A marketplace connecting chefs with consumers

Impact Health  - Get health insurance faster and better 

Jewelbots - friendship bracelets that girls can code

LiveLike - Sports VR

MAX - quick delivery in Africa

Morsel - Get a healthy meal at your office 

Mona - AI that helps you find clothes that you ACTUALLY want

Sailo - Marketplace for renting boats

SPIDR - next gen police tech

Slash - keyboard search