Great Leadership: The Crimson Tide - Alabama

In homage to the College Football Playoffs, I have to tip my hat to Alabama. Alabama is the epitome of a great team. Each year Saban acquires a group of talented high school players that he molds into a power house team. We can nickname his system, the Saban Plan. He makes boys into superstars each year under his plan. Only the great programs can do this. Other great programs that accomplish this are Duke's men's basketball team, Uconn's women's basketball team, AND The Ohio State University's football team. I had to give a shout out my Buckeyes.

All great leaders have one thing in common...they lead. They push their teams to new innovative heights. It can be Nick Saban or Urban Meyer. It can be Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. These leaders are great at implementing a system that allows talented athletes and engineers to reach new plateaus. Greatness transcends discipline.