Why is Twitter so LAME?

throughthebackdooronly 11.12

The state of Twitter is sad. I'm not referring to the CEO leaving and now Twitter being stuck with a part time CEO. I'm not talking about the lack luster financial performance of the company . I'm only referring to how it has become the epitome of anti-cool. It's so sterile.

Now maybe this is the lifecycle of popular social media networks.  If it is too open, then people sensor their responses. Post 2009 to 2010 Twitter newcomers have made Twitter a place for broadcasting news or random crazy events.  Or people upload very generic, stale messages. I remember when I first joined Twitter. It was the hottest thing since bbm.

Twitter used to be the place to have authentic conversations with friends, debate topics with associates, and get closer to people you didn't even know. Twitter used to be a place where you felt like you were having a giant group conversation. You would literally reconnect with old friends through a retweet of a retweet and meet new people through hashtags.

New Twitter is boring. I want old Twitter back.