80 Year View

It's all about backwards planning. Teach for America (TFA) taught me many practical skills that can be utilized across several disciplines. One skill that we spent a large amount of time on was backwards planning.  Backwards planning is just as the name insinuates - you think about the result that you want to attain and then plan backwards about how you are going to get there. So if I want to buy a new car at the end of 2016, I would think about what my monthly payments would be, which lenders I would choose, and plan it out month over month.

The 80 year view is putting yourself in your future 80 year old mind and body. In this 80 year view, you look back on your life and think about all of the wonderful things you have done. You think back to your 2015 self. Remember it is 2095 in your 80 year view. Are you happy with how you did things? Did you work too hard? Did you not work hard enough? Did you cherish and build relationships? Did you care for loved ones? Did you have the right focus and mindset? The 80 year view helps you put you thoughts and action into perspective. It helps you backwards plan your life. You should do this exercise very often. It helps ground your everyday actions in what's important. The 80 year view is the long long term plan.