Are You a Curry or Lebron?

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If you know anything about basketball or the NBA, then you have definitely heard these two names. Even if you don't follow the NBA, you probably know these names. They are both basketball superstars. They both have different basketball journies.  

Lebron James has been "The Greatest Basketball Player Alive" since he was 13. He was the highest rated middle school and high school player. His high school games were broadcast on ESPN during prime time like it was a college game. He was drafted number one out of high school and has since been the undeniable best player in the league.   

Stephen Curry came from two parents that we're professional athletes but no one thought he could be that great. He had great talent in high school but everyone thought he was too small. He wasn't really recruited by division one teams so he ended up going to a small college to play. He played great in college, but critics still thought that he wouldn't be successful in the NBA. After several years in the NBA, he won the season MVP and took his team to their first national championship victory in their history. Even with these accolades, he still has doubters. 

In life, several people fall into one of these categories. They end up being a Lebron, where they are told they are great from day one and then actual use greatness. The other path is the Curry Method. Life keeps throwing you naysayers and doubters, but you stay focused and defeat critics by showing results. This phenomenon can be seen in sports, business, entertainment, and etc. Either path can end in success but the paths end up being very different.