2 Crowdfunding Events Later...

So the SEC is not making it easy for businesses to raise small amounts of money via the JOBS Act Title III ratification. The feels alone for trying to raise money 0-$100K are estimated to be at least 30K. I'm so confused. How can you build a supply side (businesses) of the market with all of these fees. The demand side (customers) won't have any good, quality deals to invest in.  

I also had a good conversation with a VC about the downsides of the new Title III changes. She expressed how she was worried that non-accredited investors would be duped into investing in companies that were passed over by VCs because they were weak investments. Since these customers can't do the thorough due diligence on companies, they can't unearth the less than flattering aspects of these businesses. For example, if a VC passes on a company for a $500K brigde investments because of bad financials, regular crowdfunding investors wouldn't necessarily know this. It's definitely a good point to ponder. 

Nonetheless, I'm still bullish on crowdfunding. It's growing too fast and there are so many applications that I'm a fan.