Fake it until You Make It - I'm a VC

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Life is funny. Half the battle to success is exposure to it and believing you can be successful.  The other half is actualization. My goal is to be a VC in the next 1-2 years. I particularly want to be a senior associate at a large firm where I can focus on my strength...connecting with people. 

I'm still a kitten though. I love the picture above because even though we are kittens, we can act like lions. We can do everything we need to do to be the perfect lion. First we perfect our roar. That's essential to being a lion. We need the entire jungle to hear us. Next we get everyone else to acknowledge us as the king of the jungle. you can't be a real lion unless your are recognized by the rest of the jungle. Lastly we perfect our regal stance and show it off to the world. 

Fake it until you make it.  Even if we are kittens in real life we can exude our greatness and pretend to be the lion. The great part about exuding all the characteristics of a lion is that eventually you actually become one. So my plan is to act like a venture capitalist until I actually am one. 

Currently, I don't have a ton of money, so large angel investment are not in my future. But I will make small hundred dollar investments in kickstarter campaigns and friends ideas. I will increase my knowledge base of certain tech areas and become an expert. I've been spending my time now learning more about IOT and Niche Marketplaces I addition to staying abreast on mobile. Lastly I'm using my Techstars experience to learn more about the operator experience. Researching other companies, business models, marketing strategies, and growth strategies. 

I'm playing a lion until I become one. What can you do to play the lion that you want to be?