I Like People with Good Energy

I think people underestimate how powerful it is to have good energy. You can call it charisma, energy, good vibes. Each represents the same thing to me.

Today in the office we had Kegan Schouwenburg come to the office. She is the current CEO of Sols. She came early to the office and we talked for a bit. From the instant I met her she just gave off great mojo. She was authentic, nice, personable, high energy, and candid. During her talk with the Techstars class, she gave great insight into fundraising, creating a product, and the profitable applications of 3D printing. 

I heard over and over again from different founders that Kegan was just really great and that they appreciated her telling them her story. They couldn't put their finger on why she was so dope but I knew...it's her energy. I personally really try to give off good energy to people. A simple smile and positivity are the first two steps to achieving that. Blog XI