Clearing the Noises Out of My Head

My head never stops talking. To clarify, I don't have voices telling me to do things or see visions of small children or government agents like in "A Beautiful Mind", but I feel like I'm almost there. My mind never ever stops going. It jumps from one topic to another to another. I'll be walking down the street thinking about my personal goals, when I get side tracked by a thought about apple head phones being overpriced. Then I think about Tim Cook, which reminds me of a classmate named Tim, who was funny. Needless to say, this lack of focus can get very distracting. To counter my newfound ADD, I am trying meditation.

I tried mediation a few years ago, but didn't stick to it. My mother used to encourage me to meditate and gave me a few books to use, but I couldn't commit myself to regularly doing it. Now that I have become so scatter brained, it has served as a forcing function for me to change my behavior. I feel like meditation may be the way to go in my current place in life.

Currently, I take ten minutes and just focus on breathing and saying go. This word and focus allow me to clear my mind and allow me to settle my mind for a moment. My focus is living in the moment and focusing on "pure" presence. It's hard but I'll try!