Vestiges of 3 Years of Latin

Some of you may have noticed that I enumerate each blog that I write. I started off with saying blog 1, blog 2, and etc. I switched to having Roman numerals. So now my blog says Blog X, Blog XI, and etc. Why did I change it up. Well one reason is because I always thought Roman numerals looked cool. Reason two, which is the more pertinent reason, is that I was forced to take Latin for 3 years in high school.

I attended a 7-12 high school in Cincinnati called Walnut Hills. It was then and still is the number 1 public high school in Ohio (I'm going to write another blog that delves into this further and explains why I joined TFA). Our motto was sursum ad summum - achieve to the highest. Every student that enrolled, after you passed the entrance test, was required to take Latin for a minimum of three years. You could take up to 6 years of Latin with our different Latin AP courses. I still think about my times there and how blessed I was to get in and get a great education there. I don't miss the years where I had to study a dead language that only our 70 year old teacher could speak. Random fact about me. Blog XV