I Love the Cloud

I used to be a science teacher a few years ago, so clouds have a special place in my heart. I used to always wonder how such seemingly dense objects, especially since they produce rain, could remain in the sky. The even crazier trick is that some clouds seem to go as far as the eye can see. It's just like the other cloud - a listless number of servers that store and distribute data.

So I love all clouds! The greatest perk for me about the cloud is that I don't have to carry anything around. I love being able to just leave my laptop at work and access everything I need from my tablet at home. No bumping people with bags on the train, no lost laptop bags at dinner or parties, and no stress on my aging almost 30 year old back. It's freeing to be able to just walk around without worrying about a bag. Guess this is probably random or arbitrary to some people, but when I leave my bag and laptop sitting on my desk, I smile really big inside.

I can't wait for new keyboards and headset accessories that allow our phones to be our new computing devices. Imagine having a powerful computer in your pocket that uses a Google glass type of headset to visualize the screen and that projects a virtual keyboard right in front of you. We really aren't that far from really cool cross functional devices that all communicate with each other and give you a virtual experience that is seamless.