What to do When Everything Goes Wrong

Sometimes everything just goes wrong. First you wake up late. Then you miss your bus. You forget your lunch. Get yelled at by your boss. And finally miss the premiere of your favorite TV show. EVERYTHING goes wrong. The day has no saving grace.

These spurts of problems can occur in a day, over a few weeks, or even over several months. It feels hopeless sometimes and it seems like the negativity will never end. When we are at these low points, we have to remember that things always work out.

I always tell people that everything will workout because it must. There is no alternative to things not working out in my opinion. Maybe I'm a glass half-full kind of guy or just naively optimistic, but I feel like everything always works out how it is supposed to be. If you miss a train, maybe it was Devine intervention to keep you out of a certain situation. Blessings are considered blessings because many times we don't realize that we had received them.

Stay positive and remember that every dark moment eventually turns to light. If you feel like you can no longer do it alone, then STOP doing it alone. That's why you have a support system of friends and family. This is what therapists and counseled get paid for. This is where support groups come in handy. There are several resources that are available for you to get over this hump so never feel like you are alone.