Please stop thinking that every article or picture on social media is REAL

Are people really that gullible? The undisputed answer is yes! I love that there is so much content creation in the world. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow the average person to consume and distribute content to the world. A random photo of a child can go viral and invoke empathy and care from a woman in Swaziland or a man in New Zealand. I love this!! It's fantastic. BUT people really need to fact check articles before they share or post them.

The most recent thing that I saw that really baffled me was the photo of the wolf pack. I have attached it below.


So I'm on LinkedIn and I see that this photo was posted by the CEO of a large company. His photo and comment received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. It was a very inspiring comment. He stated that the three wolves in the front are the oldest wolves. These wolves set the pace and since they are in the front, they won't be left behind if hey are slow. The next five wolves are the strongest in the pack. They fight off any intruders or enemies. The last wolf is the alpha. This wolf leads from behind and fends off attack from the back. This was an awe inspiring story of how wolves are servant leaders and respect their elders. The only issue that I have with it is that the CEO's explanation of the photo was FALSE. 

A quick Google search gives you ten credible articles that state why this behavior isn't attributed to what the CEO stated.  When I first read the comment, I thought to myself, "I wonder if this is true?" I think that more people should ask this question and stop blindly accepting all content as the truth. With a computer in your pocket aka the iPhone, you can know anything in .002 seconds. That's the end of my random rant!