People Like Interesting People

The general public has this misconception that people don't like nerds or eccentric people. People have this feeling that they aren't liked because they aren't cool enough or out there enough. It's totally not true. People don't like people that aren't interesting.  It's that simple. Who wants to be stuck in a conversation with someone that doesn't know how to have a conversation. Who wants to be bored out of their mind every time their conversation partner says something. The obvious answer is no one.  

The best way to improve in this area is perfecting the art of storytelling. Stories have been used by people for centuries to convey knowledge as well as entertain. Stories can convey drama, fear, comedy, and much more. I tried to sign up for a storytelling class when I was studying abroad at INSEAD but the class was too popular. Great storytelling involves so much more than just telling the story. You have to build suspense, emphasize certain words, make eye contact, and pull the crowd in. I know a great story from hearing good ones but I don't know all the mechanics of telling a great story. I'm still working on my own storytelling skills. I will research some more and write about it.