Jack Dorsey and the Grown Man Beard


So don't judge me. On weekends I hop on my flywheel bike and watch Bloomberg TV. I also watch football too. Watching UM and Penn State play while I wait for the OSU and Mich State game. But the game is at halftime so I decided to watch Bloomberg Best. 

As I'm watching the show, none other than Jack D comes on discussing the recent square IPO. He is currently the CEO of Twitter and Square😳 . That's a blog in itself. Busy man! But I noticed that he is part of the grown man beard movement. It has taken over. No more of the clean shaven trend. I'm sad because I can only grow a mustache and hair on my chin. Shoot I'm almost 30....maybe it will happen when I'm 40. If not I'll just ask one of the design associates to photo shop one for me.