NBA All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest


This dunk was insane. It was so crazy that I had to write a post about it. I watched the three point contest first. It was amazing. Steph Curry and Clay  Thompson battled for the title of champion. Steph won last year, so he was attempting to maintain his title. In the end, he lost to Clay in a fierce final round. I thought to myself, "What else is left for tonight...the slam dunk contest is weak." I stopped watching the slam dunk contest years ago because it was so unimpressive. The talent level had fallen and the stars no longer played in the dunk contest. 

The first round was bland. Only LaVine showed us an impressive dunk. I ask you to google his dunk because it had my eyes wide open. When the contest reached the final round, Gordon and LaVine were battling to receive 50 point scores (highest score) each round. I almost fell out of my seat from a few of the dunks. Go to or just look at Twitter and you can see all of the amazing dunks from this year.