NYC MTA Trains: The Epitome of Entertainment

through the back door only

Riding trains in New York is unlike anything I have ever experienced. You get a bit of everything. It's so annoying driving through NYC so everyone catches the train.

In the morning, you see young bankers, lawyers, and executives riding downtown to city hall or the financial district. The young designers, fashionistas, and VCs stop down by SOHO. The tourists stop in Midtown. Some people head uptown, but I'm not sure what jobs those lucky people are headed to; they avoid the train congestion. Outside of the regular train riders, you have the performers, beggars, singers, and etc EVERYDAY. Given this interesting assortment of people on the train, there is something hilarious to see everyday. 

Today on the train two guys got on the train blaring music from their blue tooth speaker. Now generally trains are pretty quiet, so people having loud conversations is usually surprising. So when these two guys get on the train blaring old school Usher, I just chuckled. Some people were annoyed but I was entertained. Each day I see something new. 

The coolest thing I saw on the train was a performance by some teenagers. The young performers were so good that I gave them close to 5 bucks (my average donation is a dollar). They were flipping down the thin aisles of the train. At one point, in some feat of magic, two of the performers grabbed each other's ankles and arms and proceeded to roll down the aisle together. I was pretty impressed. They did all of this in the time it took to progress from one stop to the next. NYC trains are full of interesting things and you will see literally anything if you ride long enough.