Hard work...Being Great at Your Job

As I stated in a previous blog, I am really focused on living in the moment. Just focused on being great at my job and doing the best that I can. I got away from that notion for a while. I spent too much time worried about the future. I wanted to write about this again today because I ran into my neighbors. They are a husband,wife couple that run the laundromat near my apartment.

They are a sweet old Asian couple. They open their laundromat everyday at 8AM and close it at 9PM. Literally their shop is open Monday through Sunday. Every time I go into their laundromat, they ask me how my day is and what I need. They seem to be focused on being great at their business. Most people are mad when they have to work ten hours. This couple works 12 hours everyday including most holidays.

This reminded me that I need to get my focus back and really be great at what I am doing. Why give a subpar effort to anything? Be fully present, keep your head down, work hard, and then the fruits of your labor will come.