Step My Game Up

Each day that I work at Techstars, I realize how much more I need to learn. Some people are a one (wo)man show and kill everything that they do. It amazes me sometimes how skilled many of my colleagues are and how multidimensional they are. It's key to surround yourself by people that force you to step up your game. Because of this reality, I am spending my time learning more and more. 

My direct manager can create a financial model, help you design slides, edit your audio/video, and then school you on music. These skills use both sides of the brain and require bits of creativity along with quantitative prowess. I'm not quite there yet but I'm working on it. So I'm back on my continued learning and education plan.  

I join different organizations, attend various schools, and spend so much time reading so that I can polish my own skills and learn new ones. After joining Techstars, I realized how many new skill sets I still need to learn and am going to push myself to master them. Our results speak volumes about us and I feel like I can produce better results if I learn a few other things. I'll probably be back in school at 50 trying to learn something else. Who knows. But for now I'm back on the grind.