Make Warm Intros Easy for Your Introducer

Have you ever had the following scenario?

"Friend/colleague/peer: Hey, I saw that you worked at "XYZ company" and are connected to John Doe on LinkedIn.

You: That's right. We worked together for a few months in "random city".

Friend/colleague/peer: Really. That's great. I'm trying to create a startup and saw that he is an influencer in my space. Can you connect me?

You: *Internal thought - Should I intro this person?*  Sure. Send me a short email about what you need and why you want to connect with this person.  

-3 days later-

Friend/colleague/peer's email:

Hey "You"

Thanks again for agreeing to intro me to John Doe. Tell him I would love to talk next week. "

I'm sure this sounds very familiar. Your friends or associates ask you for a warm intro and then send you a short email that lacks any detail for why the two people should connect. This prompts you to ask them for more information which is annoying and makes a seemingly simple intro, a nightmare.

If you need an intro from a friend or colleague, make the process as easy as possible for them. Include a description of yourself, some context about your idea/business, and your ask. This will make the intro easy and seamless. Then if your introducer needs follow up information, they won't feel annoyed. You may need another intro in the future and you don't want to mess up these opportunities with your network.