Sometimes Life is Serendipitous...When it Happens Excel.

So random day number 457 occurred today. I am a believer in Karma. Bad stuff comes back and bites you in the you know what. I am also a believer in serendipity. Sometimes you happen to be in the right place, at the right time, across from certain people where magic can happen. So back to my story.

Today we had a great dinner and drinks with a venture fund investor from Techstars. He came down from Idaho, met with all of our companies, led a speaker series, and then took all of the associates out to dinner to talk. He answered all of our questions regarding how he views investments, the VC space, our roles, and etc. It was a great conversation that ranged across several topics and included great chicken sliders! Towards the end of our conversation two guys beside our table asked, "What is Techstars?" and "What do we do?"

Maybe they were eavesdropping or just saw my Techstars t-shirt, nonetheless they started a conversation with us. They ended up being able to get some sage advice from a veteran in the VC space. These types of moments can't be staged, calculated, or prognosticated. It's serendipity at its finest. Sometimes you just happen to sit next to this venture capitalist that can potentially provide customer intros and funding for you.

Now the funniest part to this story is that this guy was SUPER drunk! He started off describing his business in a slur. Talk about good first impressions. He pulled it together a bit but continually apologized to us about his inebriated state. This was definitely a night to remember.